Services & History

OnlyVans started as a statement against the bureaucracy that has dominated Hollywood & the Indie Film industry for years and years. We wanted to set a new, high standard and be allies to anyone that has a story that wants and needs to be told. 

As production professionals with over 30+ (maybe more? It's been so long it's hard to keep track) years of experience, we know the hassles of production and came together to offer an all-in-one package for indie projects, the redheaded stepchild in this industry.

People & Culture

Our services are fairly unheard of in the industry, especially here in Los Angeles, California and our rates are very competitive as well.

We believe in inclusion, in giving back (we've been there, so we understand) and serving not only our own community but every underrepresented community out there that has a story and wants to tell us all about it because representation matters and we can only achieve that by being of service and by being one less obstacle in the stressful process that prep and production can be at times.

Our packages include a sprinter van with general production rentals (tables, chairs, coolers, pop-up tents, etc) or you can pick and choose a la carte style.

Meet our  TEAM


Producer/ Line Producer


Producer/ Art Coordinator


Fitness Pro/ Entrepreneur


Producer/ Production Designer

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