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Cargo Vans

Our Sprinter Vans are an essential and budget-friendly solution to your transportation needs. Move around the city in a very convenient way while doing pick-ups, drop-offs or just transporting gear from location to location.

Specs:  Seating 2 seats (Max)

Clearance: 7'

Payload: 3400 - 4580 lbs

Cargo dimensions: 118" L x 70" W x 54" H

Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic + Rearview camera


Production Supplies

Got a production? We've got supplies! Every production, no matter its size, needs some basic yet essential supplies to run smoothly. We offer a wide inventory in these 3 main categories:

Base Camp & Basic: Pop-Up tents, folding tables and chairs, directors' chairs, trash cans and recycling bins, sandbags, wifi units, and privacy tents.

Safety/Traffic & Miscellaneous: Traffic cones, safety vests, box fans, furniture pads, air conditioners, rolling racks, steamers, and irons.

Craft Services: Small, Medium & Large coolers, water dispensers, 100-cup coffee maker, and much more.


Cargo Vans
+ Production Supplies


We know All-Inclusive resorts are great while on vacation but what if we told you that we offer All-Inclusive services AT WORK? That's right! You can make it a package and rent one of our cargo vans + production supplies all in one and better yet, you get to pick and choose the supplies you need based on your production needs.

This is a la carte!!

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